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FX TDs make it easier for visual effects artists to use effects like explosions, smoke, rushing water, and among others effects that help to innovate the final result. You will create these effects for the VFX artists to use in their sequences; basically developing the computer language scripts that generate the effects.

All TDs are problem-solvers. Each project presents its own complex obstacles. Make sure the effects look consistent and convincing. Effects need to blend in seamlessly with the other VFX and live action components of the film or episodic.


  • Have a good eye for detail, know how to make a sequence look good.

  • Have a good understanding of physics, be able to create accurate and believable movement of particles.

  • Overcome obstacles, use current technology to find new ways to achieve a creative vision.

  • Have a strong understanding of other roles within VFX studios and ensure that FX sequences will fit into the rest of the process and the finished product.

  • Have a high level of technical ability using a variety of relevant software.

  • Communicate well with a team of VFX artists, offer support, take direction from a VFX supervisor.