Rigging TD

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Rigging TDs need to work under the management of a VFX supervisor. It is important regularly communicate with the production management department and VFX supervisor about schedules and deadlines.

The communication is very important with modelling and animation department to refine and improve and test the rigs to check that they offer the right kinds of articulation and movement for the given project.


  • Programming and coding skills: have advanced knowledge of programming in C++ and Python with a very high level of technical ability, be able to use a variety of relevant software such as Maya, Houdini is a plus.

  • Working to deadlines: work within given time frames, be able to complete work under pressure, be organised.

  • Collaboration and communication: be able to work with other VFX artists, use each other’s resources effectively and efficiently.

  • Science: have a good understanding of anatomy, physics and how things move.

  • Problem-solving: find solutions as quickly as possible to support the needs of modellers and animators, relating to the rigging process.