VFX Producer

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Full Time

About the job

The VFX Producer will be the point of contact for clients and will work closely with Lacus Post department heads to ensure that each production runs smoothly. The candidate will focus on building a solid relationships by managing client expectations and meeting our creative/technical standards.

The VFX Producer will produce projects within an approved budget and deadline while handling client-facing correspondence. The candidate will work closely with CG Supervisors and VFX Supervisors to accurately assess project changes in direction, budget, and scheduling. In addition, the candidate will motivate, navigate, and lead their team through each stage of a project while accurately resolving problems and maintaining a positive customer relationship.

You will be responsible for managing artists, schedules, and client expectations. You will work in conjunction with VFX Supervisors and Executive Producer/Owner.


  • Effectively plan and manage the project using VFX production pipeline organisation software, be able to budget accurately.

  • Be confident in giving direction and leading a team, communicate well with everyone, create a positive atmosphere within the team.

  • Understand all aspects of VFX pipelines, know the processes, the creative challenges and the software used by the artists.

  • Anticipate any issues that might occur during the project, adapt to changing timescales and technical issues.

  • Communicate well with the film and TV producers, keep them informed it things don’t go to plan, be diplomatic, keep good relationships.