Mr. Mayor

Neil is asked to throw the opening pitch at a Dodgers game, something he really wants to do for personal reasons, but something his key staff members plus Arpi advise him against doing in seeing no up side but a lot of potential down sides. His ability to do so is not only threatened by the reason he wanted to do it and by the city's recent safety initiative, but may also affect Jayden's flirtation with the Dodgers' PR person, Emily. Meanwhile, Tommy is attracted to Nestor, city hall's security guard at the metal detector screening, he who doesn't even seem to notice Tommy in only checking his ID and telling him to move on despite what Tommy believes is his witty repartee. Mikaela believes Tommy's problem is the less than attractive photo on his official ID badge. Tommy is unable to get his photo retaken under the strict "no retakes" policy of thirty year ID photographer, Daniella. Pushing the right buttons, Tommy is able to enlist Mikaela's help to get said photo retaken, bypassing ...


Maggie Carey

Tristram Shapeero

Ingenuity Visual Effects Supervisor

Philip McGuire

Client: Ingenuity Studios

Digital Compositing

Lacus Post

A mandatory staff meeting derails plans for the team's favorite day of the month.